The 30 Best Keto-Friendly Restaurants For Keto Dieters

Let’s face it folks: When you’re following any specific diet–from Atkins to paleo and all those in between–dining out can be daunting. Instead of enjoying the ease of not having a DIY dinner, you’re busy worrying if there’s anything you can order, potentially requesting substitutions, and facing all those temptations you’ve so skillfully avoided while cooking keto recipes at home. And this is especially true when you’re following keto, a diet that’s known for its strict-and-structured eating plan that’s high in healthy fats, moderate in protein, and low in carbs.

No matter what kind of keto diet you’re following, watching your tablemates binge the bread basket can be tough…but learning how to order keto-friendly dishes definitely doesn’t have to be. In fact, it’s not even that tricky–you just have to be a little more creative, says Leslie Bonci, RDN, owner of Active Eating Advice.

Here are the 30 best keto-friendly restaurants and what to order at them that’s keto-approved, according to nutritionists. Go ahead and dig in to these high-fat faves.

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