This pram can push itself, warm bottles of milk and even charge your smartphone

Struggling to fit in that all important jog because you’re pushing around a pram or stroller? The Intelligent Stroller from SmartBe aims to solve that particular fitness woe with a pram that propels itself while warming up your pre-prepared bottles, playing music to your little one and charging your smartphone while you’re at it.

The pram offers three modes of use – manual, assist propelled and self-propelled – with its front-powered wheels offering up to five hours of use before needing a charge. The seat itself has been designed to create a safe and soothing environment for the little one in your life, including an automatic rocking feature, the power to play music wirelessly through your smartphone or smartwatch and the power to control all those functions from the Control Panel on its handle bar or from your Android or iOS smartphone.

The nifty bit of childcare kit has just hit crowdsourcing platform Indigogo and is looking for $80,000 to grease the wheels of its development and manufacturing. It’s certainly an exciting prospect, but that self-propelling tech doesn’t come cheap. The basic model – which doesn’t include the self-propelling feature – can be bagged for an early bird price of $399 – however, if you want your new stroller to have all the above mod cons, expect to invest a hefy $2,700 or more. Yikes. Models are expected to ship around April next year.

Via: Indiegogo

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