Smart cycling gadget makes sure you’ll never get lost again

Getting lost whilst cycling around the streets of your town or city will soon be a thing of the past thanks to a new gesture controlled gadget.

Haiku, which is currently crowdfunding through Kickstarter, allows cyclists to benefit from turn-by-turn navigation, messages and call alerts without having to scramble around for their smartphone.

The small device, which fixes onto the handlebars using a strong magnetic mount, connects up to a wealth of different smartphones using Bluetooth 4.0 and remains in standby mode until instructed to turn on using a flick of the finger.

Haiku’s on board ‘breathing LED’ has three different colour settings that all denote a different function. When the LED flashes light blue it signifies a message or call notification that will show up if you swipe across the sensor. You can then either read the message or see who has called and ring them back when at a convenient stopping point.

The green light is used for the bike computer that clicks into information from apps on your smartphone to present speed, distance and various other tidbits of information.

Finally the yellow light is for navigation and this is automatically triggered within 100 metres of each turn and hooks into the mapping technology on your smartphone to give a turn-by-turn run down of your journey. You do, of course, have to enter the destination before jumping into the saddle.

Haiku can be configured to upload all ride information to Strava and it has been fully configured with Google Fit and Apple HealthKit to make sure it offers a completely rounded service to cyclists. It charges via microUSB and delivers 12 hours of use per charge.

If all goes to plan and it reaches its €55,000 (£40,000) funding goal (it already stands at €49,474), the €90 (£65) gadget will begin shipping in May 2016.

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