Canyon Spectral:On electric mountain bike eats hills for breakfast, looks great whilst doing so

Canyon of Deutschland is known as one of the finest purveyors of high-end mountain bikes for those who love nothing better than to chat for hours about tube geometry and suspension damping. So when it turns its hands to an e-bike for the first time, the results are likely to impress. And now the Spectral: On is here and hey, we’re impressed!

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Canyon details how it put the Spectral: On together in painstaking detail over many, many pages but suffice it to say that it has done a similar trick to Brompton when it comes to its e-bike debut.

That is to say, it’s taken the Spectral mountain bike and made it electric. But in order to do so, it’s pulled apart everything about the bike, changing what needs to be changed to make a fantastic electric bike. As opposed to bolting a motor and a battery to the existing frame and saying, “There you go, squire.”

The key component is the 250W Shimano Steps E8000 drive train. This enables a shorter (430mm) chainstay than on some older motors, which “enables a playful character on the trail.” Rather than just firing up the motor and being driven around, it means the Spectral: On feels lively through corners or when “popping manuals over rollers,” or “jumping over stuff” as we like to call it.

The 504 W/hr battery is removable rather than integrated, giving easier charging and the option of carrying a spare.

Also on the lengthy features manual: adjustable ride geometry (switching between ‘everyday’ and downhill-centric handling), mis-matched front and rear wheel/tyre combinations for defter steering and greater traction, stop-on-a-pound-coin brakes and top-quality componentry all round.

There will be four men’s and two women’s version of the Spectral: On, available from March 8, with pricing from €3,799 for the Spectral: On 6.0 to €5,999 for the 9.0. Canyon won’t be showing any details of the bikes online until then, so we will condense the brochure into four words for you: these bikes kick ass.

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