Best sports sunglasses 2018: give yourself the eye of the tiger

If you’re looking for the best sports sunglasses you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put our eyes on the line testing the very best shades money can buy. Whether you’re running, cycling, golfing, or fishing this list is for you.

  1. These are the best sunglasses

After hours of intensive testing, we’ve come to the conclusion that the Oakley EVZero Prizms are the best sports sunglasses you can buy. They’re packed full of optical tech, and really impressed us with their colour tuning capabilities.

Of course, while we think the Oakleys are the best they may not be suited to your sport or budget, so we’ve reviewed four other excellent sports sunglasses.

We also tested the ace Rydons from cult cycling brand Rudy Project – these are an adaptable pair of sunglasses which are perfect if you need prescription lenses.

Nike’s expensive Vaporwing Elite sunglasses were also put to the test, with their aerodynamic design informed by flight technology and space age materials. Hey, if they’re good enough for Mo Farah they’re good enough for us, right?

If you like your sunglasses with a Hawaiian-twist the Maui Jims are a stylish alternative to the others on this list. They look like fighter pilot’s visor, and we that that’s pretty awesome.

We also have the more affordable Adidas Raylors – can they match the performance of other more expensive sunglasses?

How to choose the best sports sunglasses for you

There’s a few things you need to consider before buying a pair of sports sunglasses. The first thing is where you’ll be wearing them – certain lens coatings are tuned and designed to improve contrast and clarity in specific environments. So if you’ll be wearing these shades in a wooded environment a trail lens will be better at picking out details than a lens intended for road use.

The second thing is whether you want glass or polycarbonate lenses. We think glass is clearer, but polycarbonate is less likely to shatter if you take a tumble.

Weight is also important to consider, obviously, the lighter the sunglasses the better – especially if you’re competing in a sport where split seconds count.

There are several key features you should look for; interchangeable lenses can be useful if you want an adaptable pair of sunglasses, advanced materials can feel better on your skin, and shield lens designs provide better coverage than two individual lenses.

We’ve tested all of these sports sunglasses by wearing them on a bright day in a number of different environments, including wooded areas, a grass field, and on the road. They’ve also received the shakey head test, and, of course, we’ve got nice and sweaty in them.

So how did we rank them? Read on to find out… (and be sure to read the full reviews as well).

The 5 best sports sunglasses you can buy today

The Oakley EVZero shades are the best sunglasses we’ve tested. But if you’re looking for an alternative, here the five excellent sunglasses we’ve tested.

In terms of optical performance, the Oakley EVZero Prizms are easily the best sunglasses we’ve reviewed. The lens technology that Oakley has included here make them a real standout performer.

The frame design is lightweight, comfortable, and durable, but the styling and harsh colour tuning mean that these shades aren’t suitable for everyday use. If you’re looking for sport-specific sunglasses which give slight advantages in a competition – these provide them.

Read the full review: Oakley EVZero Range Prizm Trail

The Maui Jim Night Dives are a stylish, and ultimately, extremely practical pair of sports sunglasses. They look like a fighter pilot’s visor and provide an excellent field of coverage from harmful rays. They’re packed full of tech and certainly worthy of your attention.

The only downside we can find is the lack of ventilation – it can get very hot behind that big lens.

Read the full review: Maui Jim Night Dive

The Rudy Project Rydon’s are a very impressive pair of sunglasses – we love the small robust design and how adaptable they are with 16 different lens options, 25 different frame colours, and of course, the adjustable frame.

The small lenses mean these shades don’t provide as much field of view coverage as the larger shield sunglasses, but these are a great choice for prescription wearers.

Read the full review: Rudy Project Rydon

The Nike Vaporwing Elites look great, they’re aggressive and intimidating which we really like. The sunglasses are also the most durable we’ve test – thanks to the polycarbonate lens.

The polycarbonate lens does also come with downsides – they’re not as strong optically as others we’ve tested – especially when it comes to peripheral vision.

Read the full review: Nike Vaporwing Elite

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