This full body workout uses a single kettlebell to get you summer body ready in 10 minutes at home

If you want a summer beach body, it’s not too late. Despite the global lockdown, summer is here – in the northern hemisphere anyway. Sad to say, though, that the lockdown probably means we now need to lose weight and regain lost ground, if we want to get a six pack. Fear not, however, because senior kettlebell specialist Eric Leija is here to provide you with an exclusive, 10-minute full-body single kettlebell home workout. This will help you get a beach body – regardless of whether you are, strictly speaking, allowed to go to the beach or not.

For this home workout, all you’ll need is a single example of the best kettlebell you can find. And some persistence. There’s no need to buy all the home gym equipment in the world – just one little (or not-so-little weight). 

Since this is a kettlebell workout, get ready for some functional muscle training with a lot of joint movement. Eric devised this 10-minute full-body single kettlebell home workout so it works ALL the muscles in the body as well as being downstairs neighbour-friendly. You won’t do any jumping jacks, burpees or tuck jumps here.

• No kettlebell? No worries: try this home workout with NO weights 

• And consider this: the

If you are new to working out, please make sure you did a full warmup and pay extra attention to your lower back: you will need a strong core for kettlebell cleans and deadlifts. If your core needs more training, check out the best core workout we put together. Please be mindful of your surroundings and make sure there is enough space around you so you can swing that kettlebell freely without knocking your new TV off its stand.

• Prefer playing video games? You can burn by playing video games with these Nintendo Switch fitness games – Ring Fit Adventure FTW!

If you are at all concerned about doing this 10-minute full-body single kettlebell home workout, had issues with obesity previously or are recovering from an injury, please consult a medical professional first and get a training buddy to keep an eye on you as you work out. When it comes to working with weights, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

For more kettlebell and bodyweight workouts, check out Eric’s Instagram (@primal.swoledier) and Youtube accounts. He and his team also have a new app coming soon with structured workouts, keep your eyes peeled!

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If you need to buy a kettlebell…

Generally speaking, kettlebells are selling out as if they are toilet roll in the early days of lockdown. However Mirafit UK has a selection that will probably suit most people.

• Fitness Superstore  has a few kettlebells

• JTXFitness, basically has no kettlebells, but they’ll come back in stock at some point.

A word on nutrition

If you are after those sweet gains, eating the right amount of protein is as essential as the training itself. Only training would not be enough to build a strong frame, you also need to aid muscle repair and regeneration by providing your body with protein throughout the day. An average adult need anything in between 1.6-2 grams of protein per body kilo per day if they work out actively.

The most convenient way to consume protein is to mix protein powder with water or milk/substitute and have it as an on-the-go snack after the workout. For the best results, use a protein shake blender to mix the ingredients. Alternatively, you can also snack on protein bars or the best jerky instead of chocolate or biscuits.

It you have a fast metabolism, consider taking weight gainer protein: these meal replacement powders have loads of carbs as well as protein, helping you gain weight easier as you bulk up.

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Here’s the kettlebell workout, folks: time to sweat

How to perform this 10-minute full-body single kettlebell workout

The workout consists of 10 sets where you perform the following kettlebell flow:

  1. Kettlebell snatch

Each set is 60 seconds long with 40 seconds work and 20 seconds rest. Go as hard as you can for 40 seconds without compromising your lower back and the integrity of your wrist bones. Controlled movement is essential, pay attention to where the kettlebell is and how you will move it from one exercise to the other. 

10-minute full-body single kettlebell workout

1. Offset pushup

Go down on the floor in a high plank position with one arm resting on the kettlebell. Do a push up and as you return to the starting position, pull the arm up that’s not on a kettlebell in a rowing movement. Keeping your core engaged will prevent your hips from twisting. Place the hand back down on the floor and return to the staring position yet again.

2. Single hand deadlift

Jump up and grab the handle of the kettlebell with the same arm that was resting on the kettlebell in the previous exercise. Your back should be straight, knees bent, glutes and quads engaged. Lift the kettlebell up using your glutes and quads until your are standing tall, then release it back down using one smooth controlled movement.

3. Single arm row

From here, you want to pull the kettlebell up using your biceps and back muscles. You want to pull the kettlebell up and back a bit in order to fully activate the biceps and the upper back muscles. Once there, release the kettlebell back onto the floor and return to the starting position.

4. Kettlebell clean

You want to swing the kettlebell back in between your legs to gather some momentum and then swing it up and onto your shoulder. Make sure you have a firm grip on the handle and that you swing it around the wrist and not over the hand as you rest it on your shoulder. You don’t want to injure your wrist by banging the kettlebell against it all the time.

5. Squat

Once the kettlebell is up at shoulder height, perform a deep squat, bending the knees and keeping the upper body tall. Push from the glutes and the quads as you stand back up, using your core to stabilise yourself.

6. Strict press

Once you’re standing tall again, you want to push that kettlebell up until your arm is fully extended. Keep that shoulder engaged and your body and arm straight, especially when your arm is fully extended. You wouldn’t want to be unbalanced when you dangle a kettlebell over your head. Then, lower the kettlebell back down to the ground.

7. Kettlebell snatch

The final exercise in this flow is the most complex one too, the snatch. You want to use explosive yet controlled power all the way through the movement as you lift the kettlebell off the ground and raise it high above the head. Just like when doing the clean, you would like to rotate the kettlebell around gently so it doesn’t slam into your wrist every time you do a snatch. Finally, lower the kettlebell down onto the floor.

Once done with the flow on one side, repeat the same flow using the other hand. Keep alternating sides until the 40-second set is up.

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