The Rapha Commuter Collection is a cycle to work essential for the style conscious cyclist

We do love Rapha here at T3. The British brand creates clothing and cycling accessories for the most style conscious riders and does it without compromising the quality and – most importantly – the performance of their products. The Rapha Commuter Collection is aimed at – you guessed it – commuters who cycle to work  and are also conscious of what they wear when they are on their bikes.

Just like every Rapha product, the Commuter Collection is the ideal blend of style and practicality. The Technical Trouser is hard-wearing and breathable, the Commuter T-shirt is just as reflective as it is lightweight and the Commuter Jacket is windproof and water resistant. Better still, there are plenty of option to choose from for both female and male riders.

Rapha also has a selection of top-tier bib shorts, cycling jerseys, cycling shoes and more for the discerning cyclists. We have a best Rapha deals guide as well which we update regularly, in case you are after other types of Rapha clothing than Commuting essentials.

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T3’s top picks from the Rapha Commuter Collection

Rapha Commuter Lightweight Jacket

The Rapha Commuter Jacket can be described with three words: packable, visible and breathable, all of which are important factors when it comes to commuting on a bike to and from work. This windproof and water-resistant (but not water-proof, mind) top layer can be worn over a t-shirt or a jumper and if the weather conditions improve, you can shove it in your bag.

Some of the colourways were designed to make the Commuter Jacket more visible on the road: just cast your eyes over the Yellow or the Hi-Vis Pink variants. There is also an oversized, highly reflective Commuter dot on the back of the jacket to make you even more visible on the road.

The Commuter Jacket has plenty of storage options too, back and side pockets, so even if you forget you cycling backpack at home, you can store your valuable securely, without the fear of them falling out as you ride. 

Rapha Technical Trousers

It’s no news to anyone that you use your legs quite a lot when you are on your bike and this makes cycling a real-trouser killer activity. Have a nice pair of jeans you want to wear for work? Too bad, the saddle will chafe a hole in it soon, or maybe it’ll get dirty/oily around the ankles because of the chain. Not cool.

Enter the Rapha Technical Trousers: these relaxed fit cycling trousers are quick drying and crease resistant and have a bit of a give so they won’t get baggy around the knees. They are also highly reflective so you will be spotted more easily on the road by motorists. It has a high-cut back design so even if you lean forward on your bike, your lower back won’t hang out, giving you back pain and a cold.

Thanks to zipped side and rear pockets, the Rapha Technical Trousers are as close to being cargo trousers as it gets without actually looking like one. But what makes the Rapha Technical Trousers stand out are the small details: the little reflective strip in the back pocket and the pattern on the inside of the legs that are only visible when you fold them up. Brilliant stuff.

Rapha Commuter Reflective T-shirt

The Rapha Commuter Reflective T-shirt does what it says in the box: helps you stay seen on the road without restricting your movement. The lightweight 105 gsm fabric received an antibacterial treatment to prevent odours and it is also efficient in wicking sweat away from your skin.

The stretch side panels provide a close fit and for even more visibility, the same ‘commuter dot’ can be found on the back of the Rapha Commuter Reflective T-shirt as on the Commuter Jacket. The front logo is also reflective, although admittedly the logo is on the small side so don’t leave your bike front lights at home.

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