Let Chris Hemsworth’s PERSONAL TRAINER get you fit with the new 6-week Centr Unleashed plan

Chris Hemsworth new movie on Netflix, Extraction, is all the rage for many reasons, one of them being that people can drool over Chirs’ still muscular body. Gone are days when him wearing the fat suit in Avengers: Endgame, playing looser Thor! Getting a body like the god of thunder is not a stroll in the park but you can make the first steps in the right direction using the new 6-week Centr Unleashed programme designed by Chris’ very own team of experts.

Launching on Monday 18 May, Centr Unleashed consists of over 30 bodyweight-only workouts and arrives just at the right time, when people across the globe are having to adjust to exercising at home with little or no gym equipment. Because let’s face it, we are all struggling with where to find weight online at the moment.

The programme will be headed up by Chris’ personal trainer Luke Zocchi and strength & cardio specialist Ashely Joi, with additional input and bonus content from chef and qualified exercise physiologist Dan Churchill.

The program can be done at beginner, intermediate or advanced level and each week, members will build muscles with five HIIT workouts, a stretching session, and a bonus challenge. All workouts take 30 minutes or less to complete, so even if you’re super busy (are you , though?) you can squeeze in these session into your day.

As well as having access to all the exercises and recipes in the app, members can also make use of Centr’s virtual community – with “thousands of other members sweating it out on the same schedule, and forming connections within Centr’s private Facebook community.” Or, you know, you can just work out by yourself.

Centr is available with a 7-day free trial at www.centr.com, in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store

Try Centr Unleashed only on Centr from May 18 2020.

Centr pricing is as follows:

1 Month – $29.99 USD/AUD, £22.99

3 Months – $59.99 USD/AUD, £44.99

12 Months – $119.99 USD/AUD, £93.99

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