Best ab roller 2020: the best way to get a six pack and exercise your core at home

Want to know how to get a six pack? Even the best ab rollers don’t look like a serious piece of fitness equipment, yet they are one of the most powerful tools you can utilise to build a killer six pack and a rock-solid core. The best ab rollers are a ‘core’ part of the best core workout – another reason to get one soon.

When setting up a home gym, you will probably want to invest in some dumbbells or kettlebells, potentially a weight bench and maybe – if you are being serious about weight training – a barbell. But you should also get an ab roller, because not only it doesn’t cost much to buy one, but ab rollouts are probably the best core exercise ever. 

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How to choose the right ab roller?

You’d think you can just buy any ol’ ab roller off Amazon and it will do just fine. However, you want to be a bit more thorough before you purchase one.

Surprisingly, there are a lot of different versions of ab rollers you can choose from. Some are straightforward like the , others, like theor thelets you steer them sideways so you can train your obliques, too. And there are the  which look like little dumbbells with wheels and you can use them for lateral movements too.

You want to pick a robust ab roller with a high tensile-strength core. Also, the handles need to be ergonomic and padded, ideally, so your palm won’t ache after each session. Some ab rollers come with foam knee pads as well so your knees won’t get too abused during the exercise.

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The best ab rollers, in order

The carbon steel spring mechanism of the Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro provides some resistance when rolling out and some assistance as you roll back in. The wide wheels have a spherical property to them so you can move slightly sideways with them. This works your oblique muscles as well as your lower back and abs.

The handles not only look funky but are also ergonomic and padded for extra comfort. You will be pretty pre-occupied trying to engage your core, you don’t want to worry about blisters on your palm, do you?

The Ab Carver Pro includes a knee pad and a downloadable 21-day workout plan so you can start working on your core muscles straight away when the parcel arrives. 👌🏾

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If you thought ab rollers are only good to work your abs, you cannot be further away from the truth. With the SKLZ Core Wheels, you can train your shoulders, hips and torso too.

Since the system includes two individual wheels, you can move them separately and take your core exercising to the next level. The Core Wheels are lightweight and sport ergonomic handles.

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The SuperV Ab Roller is basically a more conveniently-priced smaller sibling of the Ab Carver Pro, without the resistance coil.

It has a high load-bearing core and foam handles as well as a natural rubber outer ring that is quiet and wearable so your downstairs neighbours don’t have to listen to the constant whirring when you work on your abs.

Thanks to the wide and steerable wheels, you can work your obliques too with the SuperV.

Mirafit products can be described with the term ‘value for money’. Most usually this term is being used to describe cheap but cheerful items and the Mirafit Ab Roller is no exception.

Not like ab rollers are expensive anyway, but the Mirafit Ab Roller comes in closer to the bottom of the price range rather than the top. For that money, though, it offers very good quality construction and twin wheels for extra comfort, making this ab carving device easier to steer.

On top of this, it also comes bundled up with a knee pad, all included in the price. You really haven’t got any excuses not to spend five minutes a day doing ab rollouts.

If you are not too fussed about working your obliques or your shoulders and don’t want to spend more than a tenner on an ab roller, then the H&S Ab Roller is perfect for you.

Weighing only 340 grams, the H&S Ab Roller doesn’t feel like the sturdiest piece of equipment in your home gym but it holds up just fine. If customer reviews are anything to go by, no one complained about the core bending or it not being able to support the users’ weight.

The dual-wheel system is ideal for people just starting working out, making it less of an effort to keep the device straight as you roll.

Probably the most straightforward ab roller on the list, the Gallant Ab Roller does what it says on the box.

Consisting of a stainless steel core, a durable PVC wheel and two foam grip handle, you really can’t go wrong with it.

A 15 mm knee pad also included in the price.

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