Best cheap protein powder deals 2020: bulk up with whey and vegan powders without slimming down your wallet

Protein powder deals are everywhere, as this sector of the fitness industry is insanely over-subscribed. Protein is one of the three key nutrients your body needs to function properly, along with fats and carbs and the best protein powder is a great way to make sure you get enough. Unlike fats and carbs, your body can’t store excess protein, so are you required to top up the levels as you go along. 

Protein is essential for muscle repair, hence why all bodybuilding enthusiasts take so much of it. It can also comes handy when you try to recover from injuries, for the same reason. Protein is also great for weight loss since it makes you feel ‘full’ for longer, it curbs hunger and lessens your craving needs. With these protein powder deals, you can stock up and bulk up, or slim down without drastically slimming your wallet. Although traditionally it’s always come from whey – ie: dairy – there are now plenty of protein powder options for those following a vegan diet as well.

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The most convenient way to consume protein is to have a protein shake, which can be made up basically anywhere. A lot of shakers come with separate powder holder so you can just fill up your shaker with water and add the protein powder at will. Here are the best prices and deals for some of our favourite protein-packed shake mixes.

    BULK POWDERS pure whey protein isolate 90

    With a mind-boggling 90% protein content in each serving and many flavours to choose from, Bulk Powders’ pure whey protein isolate 90 is one of the most popular options on the market today. This is also thanks to the very sensible price point and the sales they have one frequently.


    Hey, you’ll find nothing but whey in the aptly named USN Blue Lab 100% Whey Protein. It’s also packed with amino acids and has 26 grams of protein per serving. not too shabby.

    Optimum Nutrition GOLD STANDARD 100% WHEY

    Old-school protein for the old (and new) school body builders! Widely used by pro-athletes, this powder only contains a meagre 1 gram of sugar per serving. Well worth a try.


    Pun very much intended, the Bio-Synergy Whey Better is indeed way better than some of the cheaper offerings on the market. It contains an impressive 27.2 grams of protein per serving, with only traces of sugar and fat, making it one of the cleanest source of protein out there.


    A decent entry level protein for all the beginners out there. Given it’s price point and the smaller packaging size (comes in 500-gram bags), this protein is also an excellent choice for dieters.


    A sugary treat for an acceptable price point. A 40-gram serving provides 20 grams of protein which won’t make the Max Protein Shake Powder all that clean but at the same time, it tastes okay, so it is something.


    The Form Performance protein not only has a great taste and texture, it is plant based so vegans can enjoy it too. It also sits on the top of our best protein powder list.


    Rated 97% on the company’s website based on 60 reviews, the Vegan Protein Extreme packs a punch and contains only 0.7 grams of fat per serving. Vegan, healthy and delicious, what else can you possibly ask for?


    This vegan fitness training shake is not technically pure protein powder, but it will give you a surge in protein as well as a sugar rush. It has a very impressive 15.4 grams of sugar per serving alongside the 19.8 grams of protein. It tastes great, though.


    Going from high-sugar to low, the Vega Clean Protein is indeed clean and very low on sugar too, containing only 0.2 grams per serving. As a trade off, it doesn’t have a distinctive taste either. Maybe try mixing this with the Norvia?

      Bonus recipe: Good morning shake (gluten-free)

      For all the individuals who made it to the bottom of the list, here is a bonus recipe to try out your newly purchased protein powder. 

      1. 150ml of water

      Throw all ingredients into the blender and blend well.

      1 portion | Calories: 567 Cal | Carbs: 66.9g | Fat: 15.7g | Protein: 40.3g

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