Cheap turbo trainer deals for January 2020: save big on Tacx and more in the Wiggle sale

Unfortunately, the weather is getting back to normal, which means a lot of rain and wind is coming our way. Not great for cycling or outdoor training in general, especially if you have just recently invested thousands of pounds into a new Specialized road bike.

There’s an alternative: indoor cycling. You can do this on a dedicated fitness machine such as a Wattbike Atom or you can get a turbo trainer and use your own road bike indoors.

    Turbo trainers use magnetic, fluid or electro resistance to imitate real-world scenarios indoors. Many of the cheap turbo trainer deals below are compatible with apps such as the Tacx Cycling app or the Bkool Simulator. You can cycle on world-famous tracks and get ready for the next season, whenever it may be.

    To be honest, after using a turbo trainer, you might just end up preferring indoor training over near-life experiences on the main road, dodging lorries and potholes.

    Top picks from Wiggle’s turbo trainer sale

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