Best yoga workout for beginners: get stronger with a pain-free full body workout from a top PT

So… Why yoga? The rush back to work after a long festive break can be tough, both physically and mentally but the best yoga workout for beginners can help you reset. It’s one of the top 5 reasons you should try yoga, other than the attractive athleisure-wear buying opportunities it brings. It’s part of our drive to help you get fit in 2020 anda  great way to get stronger and more flexible.    

Yoga has long been the ultimate cleanser for both body and mind and Hannah Barrett (@yoga_girl_london), a yoga instructor, author and health and fitness specialist, believes it is the perfect way to increase happiness, while improving overall fitness levels and strength. “Whenever I feel my brain going at 100 mph and anxiety creeping in, I use a calming flow like the below workout to help ground me and create some zen,” she explains.

“Through yoga I am happier and have learned to spend my time enjoying the present rather than living in the past or worrying about the future. My yoga classes are suitable for people of all ages and abilities, from total beginners to more advanced practitioners. I love helping others to find the magic that yoga brings by connecting to the breath, having fun and leaving any worries at the door,” she adds.

Weeks spent binging on Quality Street and only shuffling a few yards from the sofa to the kitchen each day for a handful of ham trimmings can leave us feeling out of shape, while the thought of deadlines and a pestering boss can play havoc on the mind.

The following workout is designed with absolute beginners in mind, while the images supplied by Hannah are there for illustration purposes, so take a good look before embarking on the workout and try to mimic the poses.

Also, make sure you follow Hannah on Instagram for plenty more tips, workout videos and expert advice to get you feeling chilled and improving fitness levels. 

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Hannah Barrett’s Beginner Yoga Workout

“The prime focus is moving mindfully with your breath. Try and breathe slowly and deeply, in and out through the nose, and hold each pose for three to five breaths,” Hannah explains.

Tadasana / mountain pose

Benefits: improves posture and strengthens the hips and thighs, meditation promotes stress and anxiety reduction, enhances self-awareness and increases concentration

Uttanasana / forward fold

Benefits: Stretches the hamstrings and back, quietens the mind and reduces anxiety

Adho Much Svanasana / downward facing dog

Benefits: Energises the body, strengthening the arms and legs and stretching the shoulders, hamstrings and calves.  Calms the brain and helps relieve stress.

Trikonasana / Triangle pose

Benefits: Strengthens the legs and core, stretches the hips, backs of the legs, shoulders, chest and spine.  Helps relieve stress and stimulates the abdominal muscles

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Virabhadrasana II / Warrior II

Benefits: Strengthens and tone the legs and glutes, stretches the hips, groin and shoulders and builds stamina and concentration.

Restorative Matsyasana Benefits: relieves tension in your neck, throat, and shoulders, helps calm the nervous system, and opens the heart and chest reducing tightness on the mid and upper back. 


Benefits: Relaxes and calms the mind, reduces anxiety and blood pressure.

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