This killer Black Friday Fitbit Inspire HR + Google Nest Mini bundle deal is live NOW

Currys started rolling out their Black Friday deals early: take for example this red-hot smart fitness bundle deal: get your paws on a Fitbit Inspire HR and a Goole Nest Mini smart speaker for only £74.99. Better start buying those Christmas presents early and neat the December crowd!

The Fitbit Inspire HR – as the name suggests – tracks heart rate which helps tracking calories burned throughout the day better. The Inspire HR also scores your fitness level and has a guided breathing session mode, on top of the usual activity tracker features.

This bundle also includes a Google Nest Mini, a smart speaker with a built-in voice assistant, designed to make your life simpler with hands free operation. Stream music and podcasts easily and enjoy the 360° sound of the speaker.

Why should you buy the Fitbit Inspire HR + Google Nest Mini bundle

With the Fitbit Inspire HR, you will be able to check your heart rate 24/7 as well as monitoring your resting heart rate. It also helps you identify heart rate zones, making it easy to recognise fat burn, cardio and peak heart rate levels, which can maximise efficiency during workouts.

The Fitbit Inspire HR – paired up with the free Fitbit smartphone app – can score your cardio fitness level, too. The app also provides you with tips on how to further improve your fitness.

This sleek fitness monitor can also help you sleep better by tracking sleep stages, showing you how much light, deep and REM sleep you get during your slumber.

The Google Nest Mini is Google’s answer to the Alexa powered Amazon Echo Dot series, but Google has an unfair advantage over the range of Echo devices: they have the vest search engine in the world.

With the Google Nest Mini, you can check news, weather forecast, play music using streaming services like Spotify and much, much more. The speaker is also capable of producing 360° sound, and although it won’t match the sound output of a decent Bose speaker, it is good clear enough for its purpose.

The smart speaker also has multi-directional microphones, taking orders from left-right-centre, literally. You won;t anything else but your voice to control the Google Nest Mini!

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