Cheap Garmin fitness band deal: Garmin vivosmart 4 is the lowest price EVER

Hot Garmin vivosmart 4 deal incoming! Garmin is a manufacturer producing fitness trackers and smartwatches with industry-standard precision. You know you can count on their products to be reliable and sturdy enough to withstand vigorous activity.

The Garmin vivosmart 4 is no different. It is one Garmin’s more entry level fitness trackers but that doesn,t mean it is not a capable device. Fitness and health monitoring tools include wrist-based heart rate, all-day stress tracking, relaxation breathing timer, VO2 max, Body Battery energy monitor and more.

Many of these functions can also be found in their flagship model, the Garmin Fenix 6 Series, but for that you will have to pay top dollars. this excellent Garmin vivosmart 4 deal brings the price down to an all time low of £85, a real Black Friday deal came early!

Why you should buy the Garmin vivosmart 4 fitness band

The Garmin vivosmart 4 is a stylish and smart activity tracker that blends smart functionality with subtle design. As well as being compact – and also despite of this fact – it has a range of smart features only found in higher end fitness watches like the ability to measure blood oxygen and VO2 max levels.

And of course, it measures all the other metrics you would expect from an activity tracker, like steps taken, calories burned, heart rate as well as tracking stress levels all day. It also has a feature called Body Battery that gauges your body’s energy reserves at any moment

As for fitness sports activity tracking, it features dedicated activity timers for walks, runs, strength training, yoga, pool swims and others.

You can also get vibration alerts for all notifications, including calls, text messages and more  and even text replies (available for Android device users).

Battery lasts up to 7 days (excluding Pulse Ox sleep tracking) and it is safe to wear the band for swimming and showering, too.

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