Vegan protein powder alternative: Plenny meal replacement bar wants to take a bite out of Huel and Soylent

Jimmy Joy is the first European nutritionally complete food-tech company. Their new offering – available from the 20 September – is the Plenny Bar v2.0, a meal replacement bar that’s ethically correct and contains a balance of all the essential vitamins your body needs.

The Plenny Bar is plant-based so it’s suitable for people on aand each bar contains all your daily nutritional needs as recommended by the World Health Organisation.

Not only that, but the Plenny Bar has 20 grams of protein and bang-on 400 calories per bar, so it can effectively replace a whole meal. Fight back your cravings and snack on the Plenny Bar, your body will thank you!

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Why should you try the Plenny Bar v2.0?

Eating Plenny Bars has loads of benefits. As mentioned above, not only it is nutritionally complete and high in protein, but it also contains less sugar than the Huel Bar (the former has 6.3 grams while the former has 11.4 grams – that’s almost half!).

Jimmy Joy’s meal replacement bar also has all 27 essential vitamins and minerals in each bar as well as plenty of phytonutrients, substances found in certain plants which are believed to be beneficial to human health and help prevent various diseases.

The Plenny Bar is also low in saturated ‘bad’ fats and high in omega fats, making it an ideal snack for people on a keto diet. The low GI profile means the Plenny Bar won’t spike your blood insulin levels thanks to its slow-releasing carbs and fibre content.

The manufacturing of the Plenny Bar has a low environmental impact and even the packaging is recyclable.

Good for you and the planet too, the Plenny Bar v2.0 will help you stay healthy without feeling hungry.

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