Protein powder deal on Amazon: One of the best selling VEGAN protein has just got way cheaper

If you are after some gains but also keen on having ethically sourced ingredients in your protein, the Protein Works vegan protein powder is for you. This cheap protein powder deal is also ideal for people who are lactose intolerant or just want to exclude dairy from their diet.

The Protein Works vegan dairy free protein shake, Chocolate silk, 2 kg, sale price £25.99, was £46.99, save £21 (45%) on Amazon

As well as being suitable for those on a vegan diet, the Protein Works protein is also gluten free, contains 26.3 grams of protein and minuscule amount of fat and carbs per serving. Not bad from a plant based protein powder.

Why you should buy the Protein Works vegan dairy free protein shake

The Protein Works vegan protein powder is the perfect ethically conscious protein shake you can get. It has a mere 112 calories, over 26 grams on protein and under a gram of carb and fat combined per serving. It also comes in seven great flavours.

It is not only vegan, but also dairy and gluten free, so the Protein Works vegan powder caters for a range of different dietary needs.

Not to mention, the ingredients for the Protein Works vegan protein powder has been sourced ethically, so you can rest assured you aren’t hurting the environment while you gain all the muscle mass.

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