NordicTrack alternative Bluefin Kick is the cheap treadmill deal you need to get fit indoors

The best treadmills can cost you upwards of £3,000 so it is quite refreshing to come across a cheap treadmill with good specs. The Bluefin Kick can drive the multi-layered running surface up to 20 km per hour, has a 0-15% incline range and also sports eight shock absorption points for a smooth ride for both your joints and the neighbours.

    Bluefin is a family-run business from West Yorkshire, famous for their vibrating plates, something we haven’t seen for a good many years but seem to be making a comeback recently.

    The Bluefin Kick comes 90% assembled so you can start burning calories and up your cardio game pretty much straight away once the treadmill is out of the box.

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    Why you should buy the Bluefin Kick high-speed folding treadmill?

    The Bluefin Kick is foldable which makes it easy to store in the spare room (or garage) where it’s most likely going to live.

    The maximum output of 7 HP enables the Kick to go up in incline and speed quickly, whilst maintaining both only uses 3 HP, saving on energy bills. The running surface consist of 5 layers of anti-static material, no more electric shocks when your feet hits the ground (although this also means you will miss out on this extra motivation).

    The digital display shows all the basic stats: speed, calories burned, run time and distance. It also comes with Integrated hand sensors for heart rate monitoring. The Bluetooth speakers have enough power to fill a room for added motivation.


    1. Extras: Integrated FitShow smartphone app & Heart-Rate Monitor Chest Band

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