The Best Made Company SWS Cordura Duffle Bag is the only gym bag you’ll ever need

What can we possibly ask from a gym bag? Should it be made out of a durable fabric? It being spacious would be an advantage too, so you can fit all your gym clothes, shoes and accessories in it? Wouldn’t it be good if you could easily find your gear in it? It definitely shouldn’t be heavy, right? Maybe it wouldn’t hurt if looked good either?

What if there was a bag said that there is a bag that ticks all the boxes? Yes, there is a reason why the Best Made Company’s SWS Cordura Duffle Bag is our No.1 choice on the best gym bag list.

• Best Made Company SWS Cordura Duffle Bag – £145 on Mr. Porter

What makes the Best Made Company SWS Cordura duffle bag special among gym bags?

The Best Made Company SWS Cordura is tough and water-resistant even down to the smallest details like the zippers and buckles, which were all made out of metal for extra durability. The bag can easily withstand the elements and keep your stuff dry under all circumstances.

The 19 litres capacity of the SWS Cordura is more than enough to fit all your gym gear in it but not too big so it would be inconvenient to carry around. Once everything is in the bag, the light-coloured fabric inside makes it easier to locate items in the bag.

It only takes a glimpse at the pictures to realise how good the SWS Cordura duffle bag looks. The vibrant colour and the big ‘MADE X’ logo will make it easy to spot the bag (and it’s holder) from the distance. This is definitely not an accessory for people who want to blend in.

Of course, the Best Made Company SWS Cordura duffle bag is not a cheap gym bag but it’s definitely not the most expensive on the market either. Considering the included tech and the swag-factor of this duffle bag, it really isn’t all that much that you have to pay to get it.

Find the best prices for the Best Made Company SWS Cordura duffle bag below.

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