This Garmin Forerunner deal is not to be missed!

Today might not be the best weather for running but come Sunday (and the good wetaher), you will have no excuse not to go out and run a 5K. Running is great for many reasons: it helps you maintain a healthy cardiovascular system, a great way to lose weight and since it releases endorphins in your body, it also feels good too.

If you need extra motivation to start running – rewarding yourself for doing something right is a great way to build a habit – you might want to consider buying some running gear. Running shoes are an obvious first choice but in case you are a bit more techie, running watches might the thing for you.

Either way, T3 has you covered: we have a list on both the best running shoes and the best running watches too. What’s more, the best running watch on the list, the Garmin Forerunner 645, is now selling for £30 off on Ebay:

This running watch deal might sound even better if I mention that even as recent as this January, it was being retailed for around £400, so £269.99 is an amazing price for it.

Why should you buy the Garmin Forerunner 645 GPS running watch?

The Garmin Forerunner 645 is the perfect companion if you wanted to get better at running. It measures a number of key metrics, such as cadence, stride length, ground contact time and balance, vertical oscillation and vertical ratio, making it so much easier to improve on your form.

You might think it is not all that important to improve your running technique if you are a beginner runner but knowing only just your heart rate can improve your running experience significantly. If you keep your heart rate in a certain zone, you will feel less tired and can do longer distances with less effort. Pacing yourself is something rookie runners struggle with and the Garmin Forerunner 645 can help you find your rhythm much easier.

No need to carry around your bulky wallet for your jogs, this versatile running watch is Garmin Pay Ready so you can use it to pay in shops. You can also customise the Forerunner 645 using the Connect IQ Store where you can find apps, watch faces, widgets and more.

Only a few at this price point, check it out today!

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