With Nokia Withings Steel Activité at its cheapest price ever, why wait for Amazon Prime Day?

Ah, it seems like only yesterday that we first encountered Withings Activité, the French fitness wearable that pulled off the seemingly impossible stunt of being a fitness wearable that just looked and acted like a watch. Imagine that. Okay, nobody outside France knew how to pronounce it, so the name was changed to Withings Steel, but that’s okay. The 8-month battery life – from a standard watch battery; no charging needed here – is still among the longest in the fitness wearable market.

Since then the company’s fortunes have been a bit, how can we put it, up and down? At one point it was owned by Nokia, so the watch was rebranded as Nokia Steel. Well, that went so well that about a year later, Nokia sold the brand back to its original owner and so now it’s back to being the Withings Activité Sapphire. Differences of name, materials and finish aside, it’s always been basically the same device with the same app, though. Anyways, as a result of these serial shenanigans, what was once  quite an expensive wearable is now available for the kinds of prices that we like to call ‘Argos premium’. The rose gold one is down to under £60! It might end up cheaper on Amazon Prime Day but we doubt it. Maybe by a few quid. 

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More about Nokia Steel

Okay, so this is not a watch for those wanting to train for a marathon. However, it is an attractive piece that also counts steps, and estimates the lengths of runs and swims surprisingly accurately, given that it’s just using a motion sensor rather than GPS. The 8-month battery life is great. Here’s the ‘official’ info from the relevant Amazon page.

• 24/7 seamless tracking – Automatic walk, run, swim, and more than 10 activities recognized. Plus calories burned & distance

• Sleep monitoring – Sleep cycle analysis (light and deep sleep) plus silent vibrating alarm with smart wake-up which helps you wake up at the best point in your sleep cycle

• Automatic synchronization – Visualize trends and data on your smartphone with the free Health Mate app

• Premium materials – Stainless steel, chrome hands, silicon sport strap

• No charging – Up to 8-month battery life

• Watch strap fits wrists up to 19.5cm

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