The winner of Best Home Gym Equipment at theAwards 2019 is Wattbike Atom

Continuing the sporty theme of the   so far, our next winner – Wattbike Atom, for the 2nd year running – is for Best Home Gym Equipment. Unlike most of the categories, this is our overall favourite from the following ‘best of’ guides, making victory quite an achievement.

  1. Best home weights (dumbbells)

Wattbike has long been a force to be reckoned with in the pro bike training market. The more recent Atom brings its expertise to the home – and the mighty Atom puts up enough resistance to test all but the most elite cyclists. 

The Wattbike Atom is built like a battleship and packed with tech that allows cyclists to monitor their power output across the bike’s full range of 0-3760 Watts with a margin for error of just ±2%. That is seriously good.

With that power and accuracy, plus 22 gears, ultra-realistic pedalling action, saddle and handlebars, and Zwift compatibility, Wattbike’s Atom might be the ultimate MAMIL’s gadget. However, it’s also ideal for anyone seeking a hardcore home cardio workout (and an extremely hardcore ‘leg day’, on its highest settings). 

You can’t even compare the Wattbike to most home exercise bikes; when it comes to build quality, challenge level and realism, it’s leagues ahead. Think of it as like having a turbo trainer, but without needing to dismantle your actual bike to use it.

It’s no longer necessary for a product to be brand new to win a T3 Award, and so Wattbike picks up its second gong, after triumphing in 2018. It says something that a whole year has passed, and even though the more lifestyle-orientated Peloton has launched in the UK, Wattbike is still our favourite home gym equipment. 

  1. Best road bike

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