Fitbit Inspire is probably about as good as sub-£100 fitness trackers are going to get

Fitbit Inspire HR is a straight replacement for Fitbit Alta HR but is arguably more stylish, especially if you splash out on one of Fitbit’s attractive new range of replacement straps. Speaking of splashing out, the Inspire HR also improves on the Alta HR by being waterproof to 50m.

This is a step down from the Versa Lite Edition smartwatch Fitbit also launched, but a step up from the basic Inspire (with no HR) and its close relative, the kid-specific Fitbit Ace 2.

The more basic Fitbit Inspire has been available for a few months now as part of a health insurance deal for businesses (!) but both Inspire and Inspire HR are now available to people other than your boss.

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As with the Alta HR, Inspire HR is in many ways a slimmed down Charge 3. 

It features all-day pulse monitoring, the ability to track various exercises automatically (although you’re usually better off using the menus in the traditional manner, and relatively advanced sleep tracking, with ‘Sleep Stages’ showing how long you spent in light, deep and REM sleep. 

As well as tracking workouts, you can set simple goals for yourself in terms of distance, time or calories burned. The ‘Relax’ mode will help you chill the hell out. 

You also get smartphone notifications, 4+ days of battery life on average and all the core Fitbit stuff: step counting, step challenges, all-day and resting heart rate so you can feel confident you are still alive, VO2 Max estimates so you can tell how fit you really are, access to Fitbit’s excellent app and social networks. 

It’s a solid product for £89 although in many ways, no different to a Fitbit from 3 years ago. The Fitbit app, however, will soon receive a ‘major redesign’. This will make it easier to view your stats and log additional data. The update will also finally add Fitbit Focus, a feature originally mooted last year. Details of this are sketchy but this new section will ‘deliver relevant insights, messages and tips to keep users engaged, informed and motivated.’ 

As ever with Fitbit, there are numerous alternative band options on sale for Inspire HR and Inspire – and also an old-school clip option (Inspire only). 

There are stain-resistant silicone bands in black, lilac and white, ‘classic elastomer’ bands in sangria, printed lilac bloom and soft pink deco. 

‘Fashion-forward accessories’ encompass premium Horween leather straps (including new double-wrapped saffiano bracelets), and some very pleasing metal mesh bracelets Prices range from £19.99-£59.99.


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