This gravel kit from Café du Cycliste looks just as good on tarmac

What do you wear when you’re riding your gravel bike? The lycra favoured by roadies and XC riders or the baggy shorts and tops that the enduro and downhill crew prefer? Decisions, decisions…

Now French cycling apparel brand Café du Cycliste has added another option with its new line of gravel specific pieces, and they’re really rather nice.

Solenne is a hooded jersey, which combines road cycling performance with an outdoor look. It’s constructed from technical fabrics, with a textured top layer to aid breathability,  a hooded top with a drawstring neck and the classic two front hand warmer pockets. The Solenne is available now at £160.

Pair these with Café du Cycliste’s new Renée shorts, which are lightweight and breathable, and you’ve got a great look not just for gravel but for urban riding, too. Just be aware that the shorts do not have a chamois, so for longer rides you’ll want to wear them on top of a pair of bib shorts. The Renée shorts are priced at £136.

For reasons we don’t understand, this range is only available in men’s fit. Café du Cycliste tells us: “Women can wear them, we just recommend to size down.” Hopefully there will be women-specific fits available soon.

Both items are available online using the links below.

  1. Buy the Solenne from Café du Cycliste

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