Amazon’s cheap protein powder deal kills muscle ache before it starts

Recovering after workouts is essential if you want to do more workouts tomorrow (or later today). Whilst warming up and down properly, and using a fitness watch to make sure you don’t over-reach can help, proper nutrition is also very handy when it comes to fighting off DOM (more on which, below). Recovery protein drinks are different to those used for general nutrition, packing in more quick-burn carbs to help your body rebuild itself into a machine.

This wonderful cheap protein powder is the perfect post-workout drink and suitable for vegetarians – but not vegans – as well as being lactose, gluten, wheat and nut free.

Why you should buy Science in Sport Rego Rapid Recovery

If you ever did training that involved using your leg muscles intensively, you know the effect of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. Also know as DOMS, this delightful feeling can arise a couple of days after you did a good leg day session in the gym (assuming you didn’t skip leg day), after a 40 mile ride on your best road bike or even after an intense session doing your favourite resistance class.

You can mitigate the effect of DOMS by doing stretches after the workout (not like anyone really stretches after working out) or by consuming food that helps your muscle repair process right after a session. Ideally, this food would be a concoction of protein and carbs (mainly quick sugars), and the Science in Sport Rego Rapid Recovery is just that.

The Rego Rapid Recovery has combination of 23 grams carbs and 20 grams protein, plenty to help your muscles with recovery right after the workout. Let’s not forget that recovery is equally as important as the workouts themselves, so if you want to build muscles efficiently, you have to be mindful about the recovery process as well.

Even the man himself, Sir Chris Hoy, recommends taking some post-workout shakes “within the 30 minutes post exercise window when the body is particularly receptive to carbohydrate, protein and fluid intake”. Why would we not listen to him.

Don’t forget to take in some carbs and protein before working out, too, to maximise performance. We have a list of best protein powder deals, which also has a range of  vegan options on it.

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